The Alternative Election Of Enhancing The Efficiency Of Batik Production Writing Pring Sedapur

  • Indah Apriliana Faculty of Engineering - Universias 45 Surabaya
  • Agung Wahyudi Faculty of Engineering - Universias 45 Surabaya
Keywords: identification of the problem, efficiency, Delphi method, AHP, the alternative election


The excessive use of resources leads to increase the production costs and wasted materials. It also resulted in a decrease in the level of the company’s production efficiency. However, it is not easy to identify the problem of waste. Small batik industry in Magetan city which is famous for Batik Tulis Pring Sedapur pattern is also one of the business which is until now still looking for the inefficiency of the production process so that the daily output is less than optimal. Therefore, the interviews are conducted repeatedly to the expert to identify the cause’s problem of the daily output unpredictability. The result of these interviews will be an input to be used for data processing of AHP model. The criteria for the decision-making to choose the alternatives include: time, cost, and output. While the proposed alternative is the addition of the labour pattern and the manufacture of the clothesline. The result of qualitative and quantitative data processing and consistency test show that the procurement of the clothesline can increase the efficiency of space and daily output..


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